Mornin' Sunshine Farm



Mornin' Sunshine Farm is a small, family-owned produce farm nestled in the rural central Wisconsin farming community of Rudolph.  The farm has been in our family for generations and has seen a lot of changes in the art of farming.  But at its heart, the core values have remained the same—family working together to grow fresh, wholesome, quality produce.   Those values also include knowing where our food comes from.  In 2009 we decided to take over the farm with the goal of growing our own food and being able to share this bounty with others.  This vision became a reality in 2012 when we opened our very own produce market on the farm. 

Our on-farm produce market is open mid-June through October 31st each year.  We offer a variety of produce grown on our farm along with some produce from local growers.  We are proud to say we do not use herbicides or pesticides on any of the produce we grow.  We also offer delicious home-made jams, honey produced from the bees on our farm, fresh-cut flowers, and various craft items made by myself and local artists.

Inside our store we also offer coffee and some fresh bakery items!  There is a little patio with tables for you to sit and enjoy your treats on the farm, or you can also take them back home with you.  Our bakery items vary from muffins to scones, cupcakes to coffee cake, and much more!